Trevor McStay

Worldly renowned for his Japanese style tattooing, and with over 33 years experience, Trevor continues to implement as much enthusiasm and passion that he did when he started. Trevor has had the privilege to work with and learn from some of the best tattooists in the world…. READ MORE


Matt began tattooing in 2004 knowing from a young age that he had a passion and fascination for the industry. In 2006 he was asked to join the team at Dynamic Tattoo, along side one of his biggest influences – Trevor McStay.
Matt particularly enjoys working on traditional Japanese and American styles.


Launching his career in 2007, Daz is a dedicated tattooer and painter, working across all styles.  Particularly, he has a passion for Japanese, illustrative, and traditional American. After spending many hours at Dynamic Tattoo getting tattooed by Trevor, Daz soon realiased this was a place he wanted to work


From the UK, USA, Europe and also having ticked off every state in Australia, Shane has been something of a nomad tattooer. With 10 years experience, including having worked alongside the best names in the business, multiple guess spots at Dynamic Tattoo, and being a customer of Trevor’s for five years, Shane has decided to relocate to Melbourne and take up a permanent spot here at Dynamic…. READ MORE


Originating from New Zealand, Zach moved to Melbourne and began getting tattooed by Trevor and is now absolutely honoured to be working with the team at Dynamic Tattoo.
He started his tattoo career five years ago and and is continuously pushing to improve his style and learn more about the craft…. READ MORE


Originally from Singapore, Joel Ang has been tattooing full-time since 2007. His passion and fervour for the modern Japanese style of tattooing has led him to travel extensively across the European continent, rubbing shoulders and working with some of the worlds best tattoo artists…. READ MORE